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Complete management of european projects


EOSA is a company with a wide experience in the design and management of projects funded by European Funds. Our main clients /customers are, the National State Administration, Autonomous Communities and local administrations, Provincial Councils, Town Councils, public enterprises, associations and clusters (among other).


We offer a personalized customer service, ensuring high availability and flexibility for our clients. Our consulting team has a vast experience, a good understanding of customer needs and a wide knowledge of the most suitable ways to coordinate and successfully implement public-funded Projects.


Among our services, we provide a complete management of the project or programme (turnkey project management), managing the project from its design to its termination, including dissemination of results.

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What are our services?


Design and application to National and European Calls

  • In-depth study of the different sources of EU funding, according to our customers’ needs.
  • Establishment of the project idea, evaluation to the programme.
  • Support in the application process and promotion of the project.
  • Transnational partner search and setting up of the consortium.
  • Preparation of the proposal and documentation needed to the submission, according to each Call’s requirements.
  • Monitoring of the submitted proposal and support strategy to the Call.


Advice and assistance to management of EU projects

  • Economic, administrative and legal assistance.
  • Support the coordination of the Partnership.
  • Economic management and financial follow up.
  • Administrative secretariat: meeting management, preparation of minutes and agreements follow up.
  • Monitoring reports.
  • Processing payment reimbursements.
  • Reprogramming of projects and pre-audit planning.
  • Communications and relationship with the European Commission, Managing Authorities, Secretariats of different programmes.


Of projects, public policies and international cooperation projects

  • Design of evaluation methodology.
  • Selection of information sources.
  • Design of evaluation matrix: criteria, evaluation questions, indicators and verification sources.
  • Design and implementation of data collection tools: surveys, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc.
  • Reporting (monitoring, ex ante, intermediate, final and ex-post).


Dissemination and marketing advice in projects and European programmes

  • Verification of the rules and obligations in advertising.
  • Advice on the correct use of the image of the European Union in projects.
  • Follow the best use of the image and logos in the project materials.
  • Preparation of the communication plan of European projects.
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